We have set up several tour routes that copy the movements of the US Army during the liberation of West Bohemia in spring of 1945. Memorial sites are connected into these tour routes in a way that ensures each site leads into the next and the route is optimized. You’ll also find here further recommendations for regional and private museums as well as tourist activities connected with these military memorial sites.

Domažlice and its surrounding area

Memorial sites are connected into this tour route in a way that ensures each site leads into the next and the route is optimized. People traveling this route pass through Postřekov, Díly, and Klenčí on their way to the sites of the US Army’s first battles on Czechoslovak territory—to Výhledy. After descending into Újezd, the route leads on to three memorial sites in Domažlice.

Kdyně and its surrounding area

Among other destinations, this route leads travelers out to Všeruby, the town with the house where the capitulation of the German formations in the Domažlice area was signed on May 4, 1945. However, not all the German units complied. The remainder of the German division, under the leadership of General Buttlar (who had tried to prevent the preceding capitulation) only surrendered two days later, nearby Volary.

Horšovský Týn and surrounding

Get to know the rich history of the liberation of this part of the Pilsen Region. Polish units also advanced hand in hand with the US Army and liberated the little-known women’s concentration labor camp in Holýšov.

Prohlídkové trasy


We present to visitors a timeline that follows the advance of the US Army and individual parts of it from the German border to Domažlice and from there on towards Pilsen. The time information in this timeline will gradually gain in scope and detail.